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Company news
Blue ocean yongle participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the semi-semiconductor surface wave filter purification plant project in Haining Economic Development Zone
On August 18, 2019, Bluetop (Jiangsu) New Materials Co., Ltd., as the main material supplier of the semi-semiconductor surface acoustic wave filter purification plant project in Haining Economic Development Zone, was invited to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony of the project.
Blue sea yongle 2019 Guangzhou International Housing Fair successfully concluded
On May 15, 2019-17 in guangzhou poly world trade expo pavilion at the 11th guangzhou fair, our blue ocean paradise for the third time, here is the new concept of "mobile" housing, attract the attention of the public, the innovation of science and technology, housing in the change, more and more advanced houses at the exhibition, we with the mindset of learning modern aluminum alloy with the company prefabricated houses, get a large concern.
Blue sea yongle 10th anniversary huangshan two - day tour perfectly ends
In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of lanhai yongle (jiangsu) new material co., LTD., the company organized a 2-day trip to huangshan with the employees and their families from April 25 to 26, 2019. The whole trip ended with cheers and laughter.
Bluetop Create leisure Farm Villa
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The project is located in Taicang Yue Wang, the country small town air fresh, beautiful scenery, everywhere exudes a strong water-rich customs of Jiangnan. Leisure Farm Cottage, use for the reception of friends and family, to leisure and entertainment-based.
Australian customers sincerely visit and look forward to further cooperation with Blue Ocean!
At just the end of the 2018 session of China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Housing Industry Expo, we have harvested a lot of intentions of domestic and foreign partners. At the beginning of June, ushered in the Guangzhou exhibition approached the first batch of foreign customers to visit.
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