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Marketing Director and Marketing Director Assistant


  1. Responsible for the marketing strategy planning, marketing brand, and public relations activities of the executive department to facilitate the specific direction of the program and the implementation of the documents.

  2. Conduct market research and analysis, study the characteristics of products in the same industry, find out the characteristics and differences of products, analysis of differences, and report lists.

  3. Responsible for market development, looking for opportunities for cooperation, colleagues to explore domestic and foreign markets, to do information aggregation, to solve problems in the market.


  1. Skilled computer-aided design, graphics and language, and rich experience in product trading.

  2. Organize large-scale promotion and exchange of various media at the same time.

  3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, a sense of teamwork.

  4. Work, with strong business trip, adaptability and communication skills.




Personnel Manager:


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