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Chairman's Statement

Vice president of the Chinese printed circuit industry association environmental protection branch, vice chairman of the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association Clean room Technology Commission, Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association executive director, executive director of CIPC, the general manager of Suzhou BIHAIYONGLE Purification Technology Co., Ltd..


Thirty years’ experience makes Blue Top Paradise have the incomparable industry experience advantages, we are willing to use the most professional, integrated solutions system to help any companies and personal solve the problems of color plates, wall insulation and indoor purification jointly promote the industry developing higher and farther.




Blue Top Paradise, since it’s established, we paved a string road with up and downs, at the same time we reached some achievements. Thanks to the support of all sectors of society and selfless caring ! A person can achieve his target only with his confidence and endeavor, same to an enterprise .

Vast sea , thousands of boats compete confidence makes us more strong in the environment which competition together with development and challenge with opportunity; endeavor makes us to be up to earth, untiring pursuit with these two points , the enterprise rooted his development.  Shined with humanity and miraculous brightness in his life and work.

Our partners will embrace future with full of confidence either ,This is our wealth, our values, but also the power and faith to provide every qualified product to our customers. We offer our customers a high quality product every aspect. Excellent ideas come from outstanding culture, respecting people is the essence of enterprise’s culture.

Creating the system of fair competition and talent first, is the core to support the enterprise’s development. We are willing to provide excellent working environment and platform for the young people to play their talent, let the people of virtue realize the life value and jointly promote greater development of Blue Top Paradise .

Do the work steadfast and serious, treat the people generous and sincerly, this is not only the basic principle of Blue Top Paradise, but also the motto for continuous development. Faith can remove mountains. We will keep trying to pursue the first-class quality and service, build the win-win atmosphere with open passion, sincere cooperation, forge ahead. We sincerely welcome all sectors of society to Blue Top Paradise seeking development together, creating brilliancy.


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