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2014 6th Shanghai International Metal Sheet, Tube, Bar, Wire and Equipment Exhibition

2014 6th Shanghai International Metal Sheet, Tube, Bar, Wire and Equipment Exhibition

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As the world's fair effect after rendering, Oriental pearl of Shanghai - the shinning, not only is China's most important science and technology...

As the world's fair effect after rendering, Oriental pearl of Shanghai - the shinning, not only is China's most important science and technology, trade, finance and information center, more will stand for a global humanities ceremony, its international metropolis economic prosperity. Shanghai sheet pipe rod wire back according to the Yangtze river delta radiation national and global market, to build the most professional, scale and influence of the metal material industry event!


Approval of the unit:


Shanghai business committee


Organizational units:


Shanghai metal materials enterprises association


Shanghai nonferrous metals society


Shanghai iron and steel industry association


The Asia exhibition co., LTD., Shanghai


The exhibition scale


The last exhibition area of 20000 square meters, hundreds of well-known enterprises. Baosteel, anshan iron and steel, wuhan iron and steel, shougang, Japan JFE, haier, the lottery, Taiwan sheng, hercules group,,, Simpson group, handan, xin, hon, zhejiang, zhejiang yongfeng, zhejiang, zhejiang xin hua, fuyuan China zhejiang foote, Henderson in shandong, shandong ten thousand square, XinYu in shandong, shandong huafeng, shandong xin jia, shandong xinyuan, wo shing, jiangsu blue Ocean Park, jiangsu province, suzhou paradise, zhujiang steel, tianjin steel tube, Qian Qiao, trade, the giant steel, tianjin god source, the participation of many companies such as tianjin XinYu! When the professional visitors and purchasers in vitality of Shanghai, welcome you contact reservation!


Schedule and location:


Report: the exhibition on November 24 to 25, 2014


Show time: November 26 to 28, 2014


Location: China, Shanghai international exhibition center 88 loushanguan road in Shanghai




A, iron and steel enterprise image display, steel smelting technology and process;


Second, plate (color steel plate, galvanized sheet, coating manufacture, aluminous model board, plate, sheet, plate, metal composite plate, pressure plate, guard board, all kinds of color steel tile);


Three, all kinds of sheet metal and sheet metal processing equipment; Plate production line; Plate shear (cutting, slitting) equipment; Bending, punching equipment; Plate pressing rolling equipment, plate cutting equipment of steel rolling whole plant equipment.


Four, stainless steel raw materials, profile production line, pickling line, metal sanding machine, polishing machine, grinding machine, etc


Five, strip and steel belt, profiles and H section steel, bar and alloy steel, special steel, all kinds of die steel;


Six, tubes, stainless steel pipe, iron pipe, steel pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe); Pipe production and processing equipment (CNC) : metal circular saw machine, cutting machine, pipe bending machine, band sawing machine, chamfering machine, pipe end molding machine, grinding machine, polishing machine; Circular saw blade, cutting equipment, pipe rolling equipment.


Seven, bar (copper, iron, aluminum) and wire mill; Bar rolling automatic measurement and technology; Drawing, chamfering, polishing, straightening machine, wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine


Eight, metal processing machinery, roll, metallurgy bearing, coupling, gear box, and other processing equipment. Metal material testing machine, metal testing equipment;


Nine, metal processing, metal processing coolant oil and lubrication materials, antirust materials, surface treatment of raw material and equipment; Detection instruments and equipment; Metallurgical equipment, winding packaging equipment, instruments, metal marking machine.


Ten, complete sets of welding equipment, welding material, weld testing instrument.


Metallurgical automation equipment and instruments, metallurgical transportation equipment, metal recycling equipment


Participation fee:


A: international area: (double opening increase 10%)


Empty site: USD 300 / ㎡ (27 ㎡ rent)


Standard booth: 9 ㎡ USD 3000 / ㎡ 18 USD 3000 / ㎡ 24 USD 8000 / a


2: general area: (double opening an increase of 10%)


An empty field (36 m2 of the) : RMB 1000 / m2


Standard booth: 18 square metre (3 m * 6 m) 19600, two table, four chairs and four shoot, lintel, carpet, paper basket


28 yuan/M2, all Spaces are subject to pay the management fee


3, the participation fee RMB: 300 yuan/person (including exhibition catalogue service, drinks, souvenirs, exhibitors, visitors name card to record one set)


The exhibition advertising projects:


This conference proceedings, with imports of coated paper, hardcover printing, during the general assembly to visitors. Welcome business advertisement layout and other propaganda way, charge standard as follows: (RMB)


Sealing surface: 25000 yuan


Show, sealing bottom: 15000 yuan


Inside front cover, 3:12000 yuan


Color page: 8000 yuan


Black and white advertising: 5000 yuan


Tickets advertisement: RMB 10000/20000


Visit the AD: RMB 10000/2000


Balloon advertisement: 12000 yuan


Gift bag: 10000 yuan / 1000


Participation procedures:


1, exhibitors contract completed receipt, stamped with the official seal after by fax to the organizing committee.


2, the exhibition fees shall send the contract in return receipt within 3 days after remit to the account of the organizing committee, otherwise, the booth is not retained.


3 after remit fees, exhibitors, the copy of the remittance must be by fax to the organizing committee.


Procurement buyers:


1, focus on inviting architecture, decoration, household appliances, packaging, cans, steel structure, curtain wall, petroleum, chemical, construction, textile, medicine, food, papermaking, aviation, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, rubber, highway, railway, electricity, electronics, automobile and non-ferrous metals industry manufacturers and application in the field of general manager/chairman of the board of directors, the department manager/personnel, new product research and development personnel;


2, focus on inviting domestic and foreign metal materials, metal products production enterprises, processing enterprises, demand, traders, distributors, etc to visit (40% 40% 40% abroad, Yangtze river delta, the domestic)


3, held a press conference convened the main public and professional media;


4, through the long-term accumulation of exhibition network of customers at home and abroad to promote;


5, printing 500000 tickets and invitation CARDS 500000 pieces, by the organizing committee of the partial sent to customers at home and abroad;


6, through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites to conduct a comprehensive promote strong;


7, choosing the scale and influence at home and abroad the same kind professional exhibition promotion and audience organization;


8, by foreign agencies in China (including embassy/chamber of commerce association, various trade organization) to promote;


9, organize the government and public utilities industry associations, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad experts and scholars, technical and management personnel, etc


The organizing committee of the data:


Shanghai metal materials of Shanghai association of nonferrous metals industry association and Shanghai exhibition co., LTD., www.metal-expo.cn


Telephone: 021-33518138 fax: 33519302 021-33518099


Contacts: yellow cool 13818272596 E-mail: aoyahl@163.com