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Fire prevention should be the same as energy saving

Fire prevention should be the same as energy saving

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Our country has entered a rapid development era, people's living environment changed, living in this era is how lucky...

Our country has entered a rapid development era, people's living environment changed, living in this era is how lucky. Concept of modern economic development requires us: in the process of economic development, research and development products, should not only pay attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction, green development, and to adhere to the people-oriented, take good care of life.


A, energy saving, is the focus of new product development.


Put forward by the party's fifth plenary session of the 17th green low carbon development idea, let we know: to achieve sustainable development, must be focused on energy conservation and emissions reduction, promote green development, to speed up the construction of resource saving and environment friendly society, change the way of promoting economic development.


Energy saving, no doubt, is the core of the development of new energy, is also the focus of our new product development.


Exterior wall thermal insulation material research began in the early 80 s, 80 s relevant domestic enterprises really start on the material, process research. In the late 90 s in Beijing, northeast China began to use large area, in 2005 began to implement energy conservation in provincial cities throughout the country 50% of the standard.


Use of exterior wall thermal insulation material, can improve the living comfort, and greater significance in energy conservation and emissions reduction.


From the "11.15" fire in Shanghai last year, to at the beginning of the year of the rabbit in shenyang royal international building fire, the outer wall heat preservation material after ignition poison killing caused by bad social influence people grieved, and the world attention. People can not help but ask, how do we make the energy saving and emission reduction. What section of what can, reduction in row, green low carbon embodied in where?


Second, the fire prevention, is we respect the responsibility of life.


Life is precious, it is fragile, we need to carefully care, so take good care.


In the face of wenchuan, yushu earthquake and the recent earthquake in Japan, people can only donated by subscription, because this is a natural disaster, is a natural disaster, an irresistible.


But the "11.15" fire occurred in Shanghai last year, the year of the rabbit at the beginning of shenyang city fire. This is not natural disasters, man-made disaster! The cause on the outer wall heat preservation material. A group of old people without culture, said: "you these college students (refers to the designers, senior architect, national registered construction engineer, senior engineering consultant, etc.) why do you want to do the fire". Words a little drastic, but think about it, we really do not to do things. Correct to say that don't do a good thing to do, not doing a very good fire prevention of exterior wall thermal insulation material set up this job. Live up to people leave, we are responsible.


Remember just free, just in primary school grade one each to the cold weather, and the village at night a group of friends lined up after supper, knocked on the gong, lane, mouth cried out, "the severe winter, wood hay brittle, fire carefully, fire anti-theft, everybody is responsible for" slogan. Visible, was to prevent the fire as a thief.


At that time, the environment around us is prodding crispy grass, carelessly will form a prairie fire,, so to repeatedly remind everybody "carefully fire"; Now, we can develop high performance fire protection materials, making it even in case of fire to prevent burning, XingBuCheng fire, do not threaten the life safety of the people. Be careful of fire, fire prevention, disaster prevention, is not just a matter of ordinary People's Daily to alert, the person should be our new material research and development more responsibility!


On September 25, 2009 by the ministry of public security and the ministry allots jointly and pass word (2009) no. 46. At the heart of the file is not only considered without considering the heat preservation exterior wall decoration of fire prevention, namely in the implementation of energy conservation and emissions reduction at the same time, to put people's lives and property safety in the work of the first.


Third, fire prevention with energy saving the best of both worlds


Exterior wall thermal insulation materials are in the dilemma of fireproofing and heat preservation, the heat preservation effect is good, the fire prevention performance is poor, is this really the case? No, in the warm fire prevention performance is building materials mediator can coexist, as far as I know there's a enterprises industry-university-institute cooperation with many universities, research and development success of exterior wall thermal insulation material of its combustion performance level A1, produce smoke toxicity level has reached the AQ1, coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.05 or so, the material completely put an end to the size of the fire accident happened, to obtain the basic energy, in the calling for production-study-research cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions and enterprises, involved in external wall insulation materials research and development.


Country has entered the high-tech era, space hero has to enter the space, the cloud has to show, Shanghai has entered the international metropolis, in broad daylight, a fire in the center of the city, living a few lives embezzled; Set off firecrackers, the year of the rabbit a fire across the shenyang city, loss of more than 30. To avoid this tragic accident occurs, the pressure is on to our efforts will like organic materials as well as a way of light, heat preservation, and have good incombustibility more perfect exterior wall thermal insulation material on the market at an early date.


Research and development production, of course, both energy saving and fire protection of exterior wall thermal insulation material for now cost may be higher, we recommend by the government and developers to buy part of a single, to pay for the city, for common people to pay, to pay for future generations.


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